[12] Fatty-binding protein and galectin of Baylisascaris schroederi: Prokaryotic expression and preliminary evaluation of serodiagnostic potential

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Fatty-binding protein and galectin of Baylisascaris schroederi: Prokaryotic 

      expression and 

 preliminary evaluation of serodiagnostic potential

Ying Sun, Yu Li, Yiran Wu, Lang Xiong, Caiwu Li, Chengdong Wang, Desheng Li, Jingchao Lan, 

     Zhihe Zhang,  Bo Jing, Xiaobing Gu, Yue Xie, Weimin Lai,Xuerong Peng, Guangyou Yang



Baylisascaris schroederi is a common parasite of captive giant pandas. The diagnosis of this ascariasis is normally carried out by a sedimentation-floatation method or PCR to detect eggs in feces, but neither method is suitable for early diagnosis. Fatty acid-binding protein (FABP) and galectin (GAL) exist in various animals and participate in important biology of parasites. Because of their good immunogenicity, they are seen as potential antigens for the diagnosis of parasitic diseases. In this study, we cloned and expressed recombinant FABP and GAL from B. schroederi (rBs-FABP and rBs-GAL) and developed indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) to evaluate their potential for diagnosing ascariasis in giant pandas. Immunolocalization showed that Bs-FABP and Bs-GAL were widely distributed in adult worms. The ELISA based on rBs-FABP showed sensitivity of 95.8% (23/24) and specificity of 100% (12/12), and that based on rBs-GAL had sensitivity of 91.7% (22/24) and specificity of 100% (12/12).

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PLoS ONE 12(7): e0182094. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0182094

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